Sunday, June 23, 2019

Yesterday, I returned from a very special seventy-two hours in Chicago singing two shows on Friday night in a beautiful, intimate space called Winter's Jazz Club, renowned for its appeal to audiences who are prepared to listen.  And listen they did, allowing me the chance to explore the lyrics as freely as I wished.

None of it would have been possible without the persistence of Chicago native Paul Mikos, a dedicated and loyal fan of The Great American Songbook, who also happens to like my singing.  He is a regular patron of Winter's JC, and thought the room would be an ideal setting for me if he could organize an engagement.  Well, organize he did, with grace and kindness.  We have been friends for many years, and now we are bound together by a new set of parameters.  

Winter's Jazz Club is guided in its "We want you to listen" policy by Scott Stegman, a true gentleman who has established WJC as a unique place, clearly focused on the Artist and his or her presentation.  He has been rewarded in his effort, and Winter's Jazz Club is a cherished landmark in Chicago.  Bravo, Scott, and thank you for giving me an extraordinary memories.

I admit I approached Friday night with some trepidation because I would be singing with musicians who didn't know me or my style, and in fact, would meet them for the first time on Thursday afternoon, minutes after my plane landed at O'Hare.  I knew instantly we would form a sympathetic trio, and I am ever grateful of how sensitive they were to me. They were most certainly listening to me!  Thank you Jeremy Kahn, and Patrick Mulcahey.  Isn't it nice we are such good pals so quickly? 

* * * * * * * * 

My next engagement is at Birdland in New York City, September 20 and 21.  Show on Friday starts at 5:30 PM, on Saturday, I'm on at 9:45 PM.  

I happily announce that legendary musicians have agreed to share the Birdland stage with me: Mike Renzi will play piano; Jay Leonhart will play bass, and fellow Rhode Islander Scott Hamilton will add tasty tenor sax flourishes.  Wow, huh?  Yes, I am eager for this one.  It will all be recorded, both as video for "Sloane, The Documentary" and an eventual CD.  

Life is good.  


Connie Ciampanelli - RI said...

Scott Hamilton's star was just beginning to rise when Tony and I were in college. I have always had an affinity for his musicianship. I cherish our CD--initially our vinyl---"Everthing's Coming Up Rosie" (Rosemary Clooney). He elevated to greater heights a beautiful work of art.

How I wish we could have listened to you in this intimate venue in Chicago. I envy the folks who were there.

I can't wait for the documentary. It is bound to be lovely.
Cent' anni como questo (A hundred years like this).

mad4mcrae said...

Dearest Carol, it was a privilege and a pleasure to host you for this date. When you work with solid, caring professionals everything is bound to go smoothly. And it most certainly did. From the club, to the hotel. As well as Jeremy and Patrick everybody simply performed perfectly. I am still walking on air. Love you madly.

Jerry Lucci said...

My wife and I were very fortunate to be in the audience for the Chicago shows. It was fabulous to finally, finally be able to experience you live after greatly enjoying your CDs and YouTube clips through the years. It was a dream come true to hear you do the epic Never Never Land/My Ship Has Sails combo as the encore. Thank you, thank you for your vocal artistry, fantastic stories and great sense of humor. It’s a night I’ll carry with me for a long time.

To all of Carol’s readers, do yourself a big favor and do whatever you have to do to be part of the audience at Birdland in September. I know I will.

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