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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Bed, Book and Kindle

I don't know about you, but a name or place or fragment of music is often the first thing that occurs to me as I slowly wake in the morning. I know, at that moment, I am the one and only person on the entire planet thinking this thought. This morning I flashed on Eva Tanguay.

Eva Tanguay (8/1/1878-1/11/1947) was a famous singer of the 1900's, remembered for her brassy, self-confident songs that symbolized the emancipated woman, such as "It's All Been Done Before, But Not The Way I Do It", "I Want Someone To Go Wild With Me", "Go As Far As You Like", and (perhaps my favorite)"That's Why They Call Me Tobasco". Her most famous song was "I Don't Care" which she pronounced "caye-uh".

These are just two of her many publicity pictures. How the women of that era could endure the agony of that corset is and always will be a mystery. 

Lady Gaga must have researched Eva ... What is that material? They look like dead Christmas tree branches.
Don't try to sit down, Eva my girl.

You can hear Eva in her 1922 recording of
"I Don't Care" 
(Click this link and then click the arrow pointing to the right)

* * * * * * * * * * * 

Several books now lying under my somewhat fragile, lady-like bed stand weigh in at over five hundred pages each, hence their position under the table.  I always read before turning off the light, but the "Musician of Conscience, A New Biography of Arturo Toscanni" by Harvey Sachs carries 864 pages; "DaVinci"  by Walter Isaacson is 524; and "The Mirror and The Light" by Hilary Mantel at a mere 757 are all pretty intimidating.  And so the idea of buying a kindle strikes me as very sensible.  How much do they weigh?

Since I am old enough to be deemed highly vulnerable to Covid-19, I plan to remain in quarantine until the "All Clear" is heard around the world.  At which time (heaven forbid it takes that long) any one of the books will be gazillion-dollar movie epics, and each will be available in Paperback. Very Large Paper Backs.  I bought them to keep me cozily occupied through the anticipated harsh New England 2018 and 2019 winters. Those years were meterological wimps, so I have yet to crack any one of the three, but they are impressive on the coffee table.  (Currently reading, in PB,  the fascinating "Love In the Time of Cholera" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, a solid recommendation from a trusted friend.)    

* * * * * * * * * * 

Deliberating the purchase of a kindle, and along with the Eva flash this morning, my brain focused on the movie "Bell, Book and Candle" which starred Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak in perhaps the most wooden acting performance of her career.  I happen to think they were all sequoia-esque, actually, but in the movie, Novak's character owns a beautiful Seal Point Siamese cat named Pyewacket.  I had cats all my life, but my first official New York cat was a Seal Point.  His name was "Macska", which is Hungarian for "cat". What a sophisticated New Yorker I was!

Everyone please stay safe.  


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Mike W said...

Love this Carol and the Mantel is also on my kindle waiting to be read when I get a rather long moment. Loved 'I don't caigh-uh' too and Bette Davis would have loved that accent. I can strongly recommend a Kindle - like all new digital gadgets they have their downside (for me not being able to read the screen in sunlight unless you get an earlier version drives me nuts) but as someone who used to holiday in Italy with one suitcase for books and one for clothes (which were rarely worn) the practicalities are seductive. Plus film, music, news, word, camera, email and phone all on one device that weighs nothing - 'no brainer' which is an expression I hate but cannot think of a better one at this hour. Hope you will continue to entertain with the blogs and stay safe and well sweets.🐱🐱 xxxxx

Sloane said...

Mike ... Thanks for the Kindle thumbs-up. I am right on the rim of actually buying one, and your advice helps tremendously. I'll just add it to the "positive" stack of other friends' replies.