Friday, August 19, 2016

Fanfare, please ...

Since my last post in May, I am quite happy to report that Mr. Wonderful and I have become best friends, and share our love of music, good food and wine, art and the art of conversation. All is copacetic in the extreme.

The latest news is the announcement that the elegant Bill Charlap Trio is scheduled to appear at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston (scroll down to September 10), and I could not be happier at the prospect of sharing the stage with Bill, Peter Washington (b) and Kenny Washington (dr).  Hope to see many new and old friends on that evening.  To prepare for the event, you might want to listen to their latest cd on Impulse! called "Notes From New York". Look for this distinctive cover art by David Cowles:

Otherwise, I am going slightly mad living mostly indoors to avoid the stifling heat and humidity.  Of course, this is my annual whine because summer is my least favorite time of the year.  Oh, I do understand the joys of driving with the top down, dry pavement, clear visibility, a mostly light, white wardrobe, salty air and blue skies, sandals and lobster rolls.

But it's right about now my heart beats a little faster with anticipation for the end of summer.  Images filled with the sturdiest of woolen hats and mittens, cashmere sweaters, and tweed jackets.  Crisp autumn days, crisp Baldwin apples and crisp air turning the leaves to red and gold.  Football, apple pie, turkey, boeuf bourguignon (I make a mean one), and Christmas!!!!

I hear my fellow New Englanders shouting: "Yeah, and darkness at 4 PM, six feet of snow, towering drifts and unplowed streets, major travel disruptions and getting out of a warm bed to go outside and clean the car. And children glued to the local tv channel which will announce school closings.  Yes, all those miseries are unquestionably difficult and Baby it's cold outside too.

In my digs, the prescription reads: fill the cavity of a chicken with at least 8-10 unpeeled cloves of garlic, and roast it to make the place smell great; bring out DVDs of favorite b&w movies of the 1930's and 40's (Ah, the veiled hats, white gloves, matching shoes and handbags), and/or read a good book and listen to Beethoven, Chopin, Basie or Charlap.  And let it snow let it snow let it snow. Did all this help cool you off a bit?  It does me.

I look forward to seeing all Boston jazz fans on September 10th.  Bring a scarf .  If we're lucky, an early chill might be in the air.



Colleen said...

(Hi Carol, I don't think my first comment went through, so I'm doing it again.) Terry and I are excited to see you at the 92 Street Y in NYC this week! We've been looking forward to it ever since we were lucky to catch you with Bill Charlap at the Regattabar in April. Safe travels and have a lovely time. xo

Brown Cow said...

Hi Carol, Saw you last night at 92Y. How beautiful you are! Loved the music. One thing, I wanted more! So greedy, aren't I? I sat third row, center orchestra, all the time missing my beloved husband who went home to be with The Lord in 2013. He loved you, too. After that brilliantly moving rendition of Lotus Blossom, our favorite piece, my eyes filled with tears. Had you followed with Lotus Blossom Days (years ago Roger Shore gave me a cassette and the lyrics), well, I think you would have had to gather me from the floor!!!
'S Wonderful,
Mrs. Tom (Gerre) Harris

ps. My Tom was a founding member (1958) and 2nd president of The Duke Ellington Society.

Libby York said...

I share your excitement about fall approaching ...and the Bill Charlap Trio! Glad you've found a best friend in Mr. Wonderful! xo

Mollie Moses said...

So glad you and Mr. Wonderful have so much in common. It's true, isn't it, that an older man is like an elegant wine.
Wish I could be there to hear you and Mr. Charlap. I will be there in spirit, as are Connie and Lee - always.

Neal Umphred said...


Love the artwork for the Charlap album. Very Fiftiesish.

Glad to hear you're still doing well! Keep the top down and soak up those rays!


PS: Berni says "Hi" and not forget to wear a protective and stylish hat ...