Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The ides of January are upon us, and much has occurred which directly affects my mental and physical well-being. First came a heavy dose of euphoria in the form of several hours spent in the company of my brilliant friend, jazz pianist Bill Charlap who played with generous sensitivity for two sets of classic songs which we presented to an ultra-aware audience at The Jazz Standard on January 11th.

Bill and I enjoy a long and loving relationship which has included club and concert appearances as well as numerous recording sessions spread over twenty-five years. You can track his tour dates at Bill Charlap's web page, so if he's appearing within driving distance, you can plan accordingly. To hear him with his partners, bassist Peter Washington and drummer Kenny Washington, is an exhilerating experience, not to mention the truly divine moments when he and his remarkably gifted wife Renee Rosnes appear together in concert. Renee is a leader in her own right, and is focused on her thriving career, of course.  But believe me: It's a match made in Michelangelo's ceiling when they share the stage in a duo-piano setting. No excuse is good enough to miss that unless, of course, you find yourself in the ER, heaven forbid.

My own focus, after the surge of encouragement I felt on that magical night at The Jazz Standard, is to find sympathetic assistance to help me locate a compatible record label.  I am determined to return to an active career, and my inspiration derives from Bette Davis.  In 1962, she placed this ad in The Hollywood Reporter which gave the clear impression she was desperate for work.

Like me, she most certainly was not unemployable.  In her case, she was trying to make a point that some actresses "of a certain age" were overlooked because of their longevity (Ms. Davis was 54 at the time).  A false rumor has persisted that she was given her role in "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" because of it. Nothing of the kind.  In fact, it was published about a week after the movie wrapped. 

I am not suggesting I have any age-related issue.  In fact, since my significant weight loss of 55+ lbs in the past year, I am feeling as effervescent as my esteemed colleague Marilyn Maye

To borrow a baseball metaphor, I still have my fast ball, and I'm ready to get back into the Starting Line-up. 

 Look out World.  Here I come!

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Todd Flood said...

Maybe some live performances on the west coast would fit in nicely with your return to an active career. Some place like Seattle would be very welcoming, and I can guarantee you at least 6 very excited fans here! Even without a trip west I anxiously await any new recordings.

Sloane said...

Colleen ... I will certainly be at Regatta to see Bill. I'll look for you.

Sloane said...

Todd ... I love Seattle ... that whole area. Do you remember the jazz weekends at Otter Crest near Salem? Really good times.
Thanks for taking the time to write.