Sunday, May 1, 2016

Set 'em up Joe ....

The drink and the laugh is on me.  It all began in mid-April, the start of a two-week period which suddenly over-flowed into school-girl palpitations, speculation, uncertainty, high anxiety.  I was instantly smitten, and made no effort to hide it.  It was fun and adventurous. An acquaintance even commented that my eyes were sparkling. There were breathtaking moments of exhilaration courtesy of a technicolor fantasy of my own creation.  The days (and sleepless nights) were tumultuous, much like being flung about in a gigantic industrial-sized clothes drier. Some of it was exciting and even thrilling, but reality demanded acquiescence. It was all a dream.  My brain has taken steely control, and I have forced my heart to sign a restraining order.. After all! A woman of my age.  Really.  (See footnote)

In spite of the turmoil, I managed to attend brilliant jazz performances by Bill Charlap ...

Bill Charlap April 15, 2016
Regatta Bar, Cambridge, MA

Then I was inducted into the
Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame

April 21, 2016 

Rhode Island Hall Of Fame Induction

And then heard Kenny Barron at The Regatta Bar
in Cambridge, MA

Kenny Barron, April 29, 2016

Now on this first of May, appetite and health restored, (I have dropped 20 lbs since January but it's not easily discernible yet), I continue my dietary regimen, daily walks and vocal warm-ups in preparation for my participation in the prestigious JAZZ IN JULY series in New York, held at the 92nd St. Y.  On July 27th, I will sing some songs written by revered composer/lyricist Billy Strayhorn with Bill Charlap and his remarkable wife, jazz pianist Renee Rosnes.  I am frankly filled with effervescent enthusiasm.

* * * * *

For those who have been kind enough to inquire, I AM writing the memoir, admittedly at a glacial pace, but I have been a jazz singer for over sixty years, and there are so many events and people and places ... well, you can understand.
* * * * * 

Footnote: When I told one of my best chums about these roller-coaster days, she wrote: "If I may venture a wild guess? It is painfully obvious you felt spontaneous attraction, becoming a wee bit delirious in the bargain, resulting in disorientation and accelerated heart rhythm.  You also felt thoroughly pixilated for an entire fortnight, but have now managed a graceful return to normalcy, just in the N.O.T., I might add.  It must have been confusing and exciting.  And the truly wondrous fact is that these sorts of convulsive seismic shocks to the psyche can and do occur to those of us living the "golden" years.  Someone should write a song on the subject.   Will you now add "The Man That Got Away" to your set list?   
* * * * *

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