Tuesday, May 18, 2010

About last night ...

Last night's spirited game between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees produced one long, loud, and very painful "Oh S@*%T@!!!!!" shriek in this house. For those of you who don't give baseball so much as a passing nod of recognition, the game provided many tense moments, but at a hard-fought lead of 9-7, I thought the Sox had it wrapped up. Grrrrrrrr. One should not anticipate victory in such a cavalier fashion, especially when facing the daunting Yankee bench. What did Yogi say? Oh yeah: It's not over until Carol Sloane sings.

However, I thought our ace reliever, Jonathan Papelbon, would surely save the day. I also knew he'd probably give up at least one hit. He likes to do that now and then just for fun and to keep us on our toes in the final innings. Then, with one man on and the Yankees down 9-7, one of our favorite villains otherwise known as Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod") stepped to the plate and was given a gift: a 94-mph fast ball right down the middle which flew into the Yankees' bullpen. Marcus Thames, a man whom one may assume is a perfect gentleman off the field, hit a two-run blast two batters later and we were left with pin-stripe markings all over our faces for a final of 11-9. I howled an oath not fit to print in this family blog, and angrily switched off the bedroom light.

The Boston Celtics face the Orlando Magic tonight, one game up. And I see that Kobe Bryant scored 40 points all by himself, even with a bad knee in the Lakers/Phoenix Suns game. Boston is salivating at the thought of yet another final with LA, but we've got to dominate the Orlando team first.

Meantime, the world of jazz lost yet another musician with impeccable musical credentials, enviable charm and style with the news that Hank Jones died on Monday, May 17 at a New York hospital. I wish we had known one another. I always dreamed of working with him, even if we only did one song together. That would have been a drop of 23k gold in my jewel box. You can hear his acutely sensitive accompaniment on many recordings, but just listen to how he plays for the exquisite Abby Lincoln on "You Gotta Pay The Band" Verve, 1991. "Bird Alone", Abby's composition, is the first track and is one of my all-time favorite pieces of music.

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