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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Come Fly With Me ...

****** In 1950 or thereabouts, when television sets were expensive and the equivalent of any of today's technological marvels, my uncle George owned one of the most fascinating items I'd ever seen: a rather large box sat on a table top. Graced with the design logo "Motorola", we gathered around the 10" screen to watch a grainy black and white transmission live from Boston! How exciting it was and how we marvelled as we gazed transfixed, viewing a program which I distinctly remember was sponsored by Chesterfield cigarettes.

****** I am thinking of that time before jet planes and iPods, before cell phones and computers such as this one I can't live without. I have been keenly interested in the live stream of activities onboard the space shuttle Endeavor and you can join the fun by going to this site. I have watched the astronauts inside the lab of some section of the orbiting vehicle, I have watched two men in space suits and awkward-looking gloves gingerly remove and replace large objects containing essential operating devices. I have seen the earth from an altitude of over 200 miles as the Shuttle glides ever so gracefully and swiftly across our planet. This is too too astonishing, and we seem to take it all for granted. There are 13 people whizzing around the earth at this moment, gathering data, running experiments, and performing all sorts of scientific tests. You really must share in this. Go to the site as soon as you are able. I think you will be mesmorized too.

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Hi Carol,

Just found a copy of Kinda Groovy by Jimmie (sp?) Rowles. OK shape. You still need a burnt copy?


Stephen Cole