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Monday, June 1, 2009

Sister's 70th Birthday

****** My sister Lois was completely astonished and for once, made speechless, if only for a brief 30 seconds or less. About eighty of her best friends and many surviving aunts and uncles, nieces and one nephew howled "Surprise!" and later sang "Happy Birthday" before she began to slice into a huge chocolate cake adorned with two candles shaped into a "3" and a "9".

****** We enjoyed a lovely family visit with everyone, especially the two ladies in their 90's, both chipper, bright and delightful. Tell me it's in the genes, please.

****** I'm off to New York this week to participate in the final mix of the cd and to challenge my favorite photographer Eric Stephen Jacobs to produce a cover shot we'll all sigh over. Dinner with Marc Myers which will be both business and pleasure since he has agreed to write the liner notes for the new work, and reasons for choosing the songs will be topics between courses. Projecting late summer, early September release date.


Al said...


After being in love with you for 25 years, I have a favor to ask. Will it be possible to have a copy of the new CD signed by you? Many visits to Europa in Chapel Hill, etc. and never thought to get an autograph. It seemed crass. Now, I have no dignity!

STILL love you madly. Go Red Sox!

Clint Page said...

Carol -- I always sigh over your cover shots. I'll watch for the new cd and sigh over it too. Dorothy and I set up a Carole Sloane station on Pandora, so we get to hear your recordings a lot. -- Clint

Insightlink said...

A new CD?? Yay!! I'll be looking forward to it.

Rab Hines said...

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