Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where do I change? ....

****** In anticipation of the three-night engagement at The Iridium (see below), I emailed my girl-friend/marvelous singer Carol Fredette for some advice. Carol enjoyed a successful run at the club recently, so I knew she could give me some tips on what to expect, most specifically the location of and amenities provided in the dressing room. The mere fact that some sort of space actually exists is always a comfort since it indicates the club managers understand the rudimentary fact that FEMALE ARTISTS NEED A PRIVATE PLACE TO GET DRESSED!!!! *

The gladest of tidings? Carol has a new cd on the SOUNDBRUSH LABEL entitled "EVERYTHING IN TIME", and she's chosen a terrific group of songs sung to perfection. Visit this site and listen to some samples of her work. Brava, Freeeeeeeee!

* The absolutely best example of laughable dressing room facilities: None, Zero, Nada ... A small and very popular club in Ohio which was really a neighborhood bar that enjoyed cult status and attracted a devoted jazz crowd ... stage lighting consisted of a 75-watt bulb hanging on a single cord from the center of the ceiling, dangling over an old piece of furniture disguised as an upright, tinny piano Fats Waller would have instantly recognized, and a unisex, closet-size toilet immediately stage right, with a flushing mechanism as subtle as Niagara Falls. I haven't been on any gig since that comes close to this disaster, or one that was so much fun in spite of it all. The poor piano player had to give it up, so my pal Cal Collins stepped in and saved me'bacon, eliminating the sour note problems in a flush ... FLASH!

Engagement News:
Joins An All-Star Jazz Line-up At

The Iridium
1650 Broadway at 51st Street
New York City

212.582.2121 - May 8, 9, 10

Shows: 8:30 & 10:30 PM


Featuring: Ken Peplowski, Warren Vache, Ted Rosenthal, Chuck Redd and Pat O'Lear

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