Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Little Brown Book

****** As I prepare to participate in a salute to the memorable composer Billy Strayhorn, I am memorizing the lyric to "My Little Brown Book". Artistic Director Bill Charlap requested I sing MLBB, only to be somewhat startled to learn I've never sung it before. How I've managed to avoid it all these years is truly a mystery. However, on July 31st, I will enjoy the enormous pleasure of singing it with Bill and several other outstanding musicians. Here .

****** In all my years as an active performer, I have never learned to read music. I carry a small, battered volume which contains song titles and the keys in which I sing them. It is my portable library. It is in point of fact a Little Brown Book, but it does not have a silver binding.

****** I was unable to stay awake to view the All-Star Game last night. Frankly, I find the spectacle somewhat boring, and except for the chance to see some retired professionals whose playing days I recall with great fondness, it is a ho-hummer for me. My husband woke me with the news of the marathon it became, but more importantly, the not surprising (to me) news that the American League prevailed. Now let's get back to the real thing please.


Anthony said...

Dearest Carol, Im an Aussie fan of yours living in Perth Western Australia..What a wonderful new website you have and even more wonderful latest CD...I am so surprised to read that you do not read music for you are so much a musician when you sing......AWSOME like a wonderful red wine you just get better...wishing you all the love in the world...kindest regards Anthony Harden..Perth Western Australia

Sloane said...

Dear Anthony: Thanks very much for your kind note. It is gratifying to learn you enjoy my work, a misnomer if ever there was one since sharing time and space with the musicians who have recorded with me over the years is hardly toil of any kind. Rather they have given me the highest compliment by agreeing to play for me.
Stay tuned and best wishes to you down there in Perth.