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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where have I been lately?

****** My posts have been less than consistent, for which I apologize. This spring in New England has been filled with brilliantly fine weather demanding that one spend as much time outdoors as possible. Other delicious distractions for a dedicated sports fan such as myself: The Red Sox season is in full flow, The Boston Celtics at this writing need only one more victory to clinch the club's 17th NBA Championship title; the Boston Bruins are scattered about, nursing sprained knees and wounded pride, and the NE Patriots will be on the training field in August.

****** Yesterday, my husband and I spent the day watching and cheering for Tiger Woods as he faced one Rocco Mediate in a thrilling 18-hole playoff match for this year's U.S. Open title. Tonight, the Celtics will play game six against the enemy team called the L.A. Lakers. Soon, the the world's most accomplished tennis players will compete on Wimbledon's famed grass courts.

****** Added to these considerable temptations to remain firmly rooted potato style in my favorite chair, there is the stack of books beside said FC and the others which spill over the bedside table. During my childhood school years, vacations meant I was allowed to sit under the trees all summer if I liked, to endlessly and most voraciously read-read-read. I am today filled with the same giddy anticipation of the pleasures awaiting me among the pages any one of those books. What have I read lately? Jeffrey Archer's "Prisoner Of Birth" (I am a murder mystery/thriller addict), and "Counselor, A Life On The Edge Of History", a highly interesting book written by President John F. Kennedy's Special Counsel Ted Sorensen. I confess I was eager to re-live the days of JFK's administration in order to remind myself how proud I once was about the occupant of the White House.

****** I am scheduled to sing a few lovely Billy Strayhorn songs during a tribute concert to the composer. Bill Charlap is Musical Director of the series at The 92nd Street Y in New York. Full details are available here

****** The summer offers yet another highly pleasurable diversion: The New York Racing Association's annual summer meet at Saragota Springs, NY which attracts the most beautiful animals bred to run as fast as their spindly legs will carry them and a small jockey around the Oval Track. We prefer betting on the turf races, and our data base of information taps into various sources.

****** I hope your summer is filled with all of your favorite pleasures.

PS ... New compact discs I love: "Rachmaninoff's Vocalise", with thirteen tracks of the lovely melody played and sung by various artists. Best of the lot: Anna Moffo with The American Symphony Orchestra, Leopold Stokowski conducting. To die for.

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