Saturday, September 29, 2007

Medical Report

Now where was I? Oh yes. We were enjoying some truly stupendous weather, visiting the coastal towns of Southern New England, savouring the summer's sea and garden harvest. I intended to post on or about September 1st, with two diary notes poised for submission.

Labor Day, 6 AM: My husband Buck wakens me to complain of chest pain. He had a heart attack in 1987, so I leap from the bed, prepared to call 911. We live within a mile of a hospital, and he insisted I take him there. The absolutely correct call, it turns out: he collapsed within minutes of our arrival at Winchester Hospital. Technicians and doctors immediately applied defibrillation devices, unquestionably saving his life.

After an hour or more, during which I contacted my step-son David who lives nearby, Buck was transported to Mass General, one of the world's most prestigious hospitals, his distraught wife seated in front beside the ambulance driver. He went directly to Cardiac ICU where he remained, heavily sedated, medicated and monitored for the next 2-1/2 weeks.

I spent most days sitting at his bedside, his son stopped by daily as well, along with a loving journey made by his daughter from her home in Hastings-on-Hudson. With two small children, one about to enter first grade, Sandy drove with them to hold her father's hand and tell him she loved him. We all shed many tears and held each other during the critical phase of his recovery. Our family has never been stronger or more loving.

Buck is now in a rehab facility in Cambridge, MA, responding to Physical Therapy and growing stronger each day. We hope he will be released and home by mid-October.

I am astonished to type this on the next to last day of Septmber, the longest month I have ever lived. Not only have we successfully evaded death's deliberate grasp; the opportunity to accept the challenges of life-style changes and reinforced family unity make us all terribly grateful to the medical teams who provided such skilled and compassionate care.

I am hoping to post more frequently, but the days are chock-a-block. I have missed the writing very much.


balhisay said...

Dear Carol, here David from Spain. I love your music and spent a lot of time reading your wonderful blog. Lately I asked myself why don't you write on it.

I wish your husband will be OK soon. Take care,


(ps: now enjoying "Dearest Duke" CD)

Marla said...


Love and all good wishes from 19 Elm Street and let us know if there's anything we can do for you and Buck.


Devra said...

I don't suppose there's much we can "do" from out here on the left coast, but we send love to you both and very best wishes for Buck's recovery.
Devra and John

MrsHenryWindleVale said...

All sorts of sympathy for you, Carol.

I've spent enough time in ERs holding the hand of my beloved to recognize the situation you describe.

Here, along with my affection, are all my best wishes for both you and your husband.

ValerieB said...

just want to add my belated but very sincere wishes for your husband's complete recovery.

best to both of you.