Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Loading Up

Me and Tex was a'sittin' round the camp fire's dyin' embers last night. Suddenly we heard some really scary sounds coming out of the darkness: low growls, jaws being licked in anticipation of a juicy meal, and in the gloom, menacing red eyes blazing, moving slowly in and out of range.

"They're coming closer, Tex".

"I know, April Darlin'. Are you sure we got enough ammunition to hold 'em off?"

"God, I think so. I HOPE so."

"Courage, woman. Hang on to your bloomers and keep the shotgun close to your sweet thighs. It's probably going to get very nasty."

August 14, 2007: The Boston Red Sox are a mere four (4) games ahead of the dastardly New York Yankees in the American League Eastern Division.

RIP: Yankees famed short stop and broacaster Phil Rizzuto, today at age 89.

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