Thursday, August 21, 2014

Getting back in (partial) gear ...

This is the first post since June when I published a piece honoring my dearly-departed Dad on Father's Day.  It's a nice remembrance and follows right below this post.


 The reason for the substantial gap in the writing has been the fact of my husband's serious illness which has altered priorities and re-fashioned responsibilities.  I have had limited time and energy to compose my thoughts or to comment on topics that interest me.  However, we have recently decided to temporarily suspend chemo therapy treatments, so our thrice-monthly appointments at the Infusion Center do not fill my calendar for the rest of August or deep into September.  Buck is seen by an efficient and ever-cheerful Visiting Nurse named Jan three times a week, and I do all the fetch-and-carry business. We are hoping that a break from the debilitating effects of chemo may restore some vigor.  At least, that is the goal for now.  It is truly one day at a time in this house.

Meanwhile, like so many millions, I am horrified by the assassination of an American journalist in the Middle East, not to mention the chaos and misery taking place there; the shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, MO; the on-going recalcitrant Republicans in Congress and their endless attacks and attempts to dilute or eliminate altogether the Affordable Care Act (I refuse to call it "Obama Care" because the term is so clearly a pejorative); the honky-tonk, all-pervasive rock n' roll environment which dominates our lives, the cotton candy, soda-fizz, pop-crazed culture that consumes so much of the world while the higher art forms struggle to exist, causing an almost predictable extinction for some; the relentless assault by political conservatives determined to abolish or prevent the right of all gay citizens to marry whomever they may choose; the narrow-minded, uncaring politicians who seem oblivious to the needs of the poor, the sick and the elderly. Have I missed anything?  No doubt I have, and you are welcome to mention them to me at the bottom of this piece or on my Facebook page.

When any or all of the above rattle my senses to a seismic degree, I opt for the calming effect music provides, especially as represented by J.S. Bach, W.A. Mozart, Bill Evans or Bill Charlap.  (At least one very dry martini is practically medicinal).  And there are all those good books!  Real books you hold in your hands and then actually turn pages.  Additionally, there is the genuine thrill of rooting for our home town Under-Achievers, otherwise known as the Boston Red Sox.  If there is a travel day in their schedule, Buck likes to have me read aloud to him, usually a New Yorker piece we can both enjoy.

Oh yes .... before I forget:

I will conduct another Jazz Vocal Workshop in the fall, and if you or someone you know might wish to join the class, please write me at for all details.  Yes, that's Ell for Ella Fitzgerald and Car for Carmen McRae.  You needn't bother yourself about the 537 bit.



Anonymous said...

Dearest Carol sending loving thoughts to you and your husband during this time from Australia. Wishing him all the very best. Anthony Perth Western Australia

Sloane said...

For Anthony in Perth Australia: I thank you for your kind words of condolence. Plan to post at SloaneView a bit more frequently from now on.