Thursday, September 19, 2013

FaceBook Fledgling

I joined the FaceBook crowd a few days ago, and now find myself simultaneously frustrated, baffled and enthusiastic as I contemplate meeting numerous members scatterd around the globe. In yesterday's exchange with a few female vocalists I was generously offered assistance and direction without which I'd most certainly continue to grope, fumble and stumble blindly. Thank you for your help, ladies.

I have managed to post an announcement of some significance at my FaceBook page which explains in general terms the fact that I am once more teaching vocal jazz. I always enjoyed teaching and now that I have found a perfect venue for the task, I am eager to resume the interaction with students. There is, however, a specific caveat which may or may not deter some applicants: the studio is located in the town where I reside, located approximately ten miles North of Boston. Travelling could prove arduous for some who live over two hundred miles from the site. However, Boston-area singers should face no similar hardship. Here are some of the topics to be addressed:

I will focus on interpretative skills over improvisation.

I will NOT encourage any scat singing.

I will help develop microphone
technique skills, correct posture problems and suggest breathing exercises.

I will NOT provide any sort of magic formula to avoid performance anxiety. As the student gains confidence and improves at each session, the jitters should become less of a nuisance.

I will ask and expect to help students attain a level of lyric perception to enhance the material the singer chooses. I will also teach how to find the correct key for your range and suggest melodies which challenge as well as demonstrate the unique elements of your distinctive sound.

At the first lesson, students will be expected to sing one up-tempo song and one ballad. A piano accompanist will be available. Bring sheet music in your key.

Private students will be accepted.

Classes will consist of not more than twelve students.

Please email for full details.


For those of you lucky enough to live in Manhattan or who might be in New York City between now and September 29, please do NOT fail to see and hear Bill Charlap with his brilliant companions Peter Washington on bass and Kenny Washington on drums as they appear at The Village Vanguard during this annual two-week engagement. Prepare to be mesmorized and enchanted. I'm the trio's biggest fan, and I think you might agree with me that as a jazz pianist, Bill Charlap sings a ballad better than a lot of singers out there. Listen carefully and you'll hear it too.

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