Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Upstairs Downstairs

Diary of a mad woman: Thursday, March 28, 2013:  I do not know where I live, and recognize only a few items as long-held possessions.  We slept in the downstairs apartment last night, and were each stricken with strenuous fits of restless body syndrome (which beats the leg variety by a mile). This is a predictable occurrence since still roughly 1/4 of the stuff necessary to function down here is still sitting in boxes up there. Why didn't someone warn me this would be a proper little nightmare?


Tuesday, April 2:  Except for fact that my living-room drapes are still not in place, leaving us walking about in an uncomfortable fish bowl atmosphere, the boxes I filled upstairs are now slowly being unpacked and contents restored to their proper place.  Bags and bags of unwanted, useless, outdated stuff have been removed, leaving us uncluttered for the first time in years.  How clean it is!


Wednesday, April 3:  More welcome progress: drapes and spirits up, with some beloved framed art work to be brought down tomorrow. Since we are down-sizing, I am still filling boxes with some "every-day" china, but not the delicate tea cups, saucers and pots collected over the years.  With the colossal disruptions of the past month, I was unable to cook a decent meal (lost track of the proper cooking utensils), so we ate lots of take-out.  I feel I must have gained at least 10 lbs of the 20 I shed in February, but that may be an exaggeration.  Just feel heavier and totally exhausted.  On Friday we will have completed the task and will celebrate by uncorking a bottle of Veuve Clicquot which has been patiently chilling since March 5th. 


 Professor Judith Tick at Northeastern University asked me to speak to and conduct a Master Class for music and vocal students on Friday, March 22nd and I was happy to do it.  I very much enjoy dialogue with The Young And The Curious and the 35 YACs and I interacted smoothly, making the session highly enjoyable.  I talked about singing and meeting and working with so many luminaries of jazz during my fifty years of active performing, and listened to two young ladies with great promise explore their favorite melodies.  They were able to successfully persuade me to be considerably less squeamish about the future of vocal jazz.


Also on the evening of the 22nd, after the session with the students, Buck and I went to see the remarkable singing group The New York Voices performing at Sculler's Jazz Club in Boston. Truly on top of their game, it was a sensational program of jazz, sung with their usual extraordinary intensity and musical sensibility. The New York Voices have a new cd, and my earnest exhortation to you is "run out and buy it!"


My friend Joan Merrill offers a new book titled "And All That Madness" featuring her jazz-loving detective Casey McKie.  Because of my unabashed admiration for Joan's writing skill, combined with her genuine devotion to jazz, I have recommended and trust you have read the four previous novels.  Nothing should dissuade you from continuing your newly-acquired addiction for Joan's mysteries which are saturated with references to jazz venues in and around the San Francisco Bay area, with specific focus on vocal jazz which is the world I know.  Disclaimer: I did write a blurb for Joan's new book and wouldn't change a syllable.  


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