Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unchained Melody

It is a way cool moment when you step into the kitchen for that first cup of coffee and discover a banana inscribed with the words "I love you". There it was, nestled with other pieces of fruit in the bowl, and I can't say the sight of it brought tears to my eyes, but it did inspire me to plan one of his favorite dishes for dinner. "And, what would that be?", I hear you ask. Whole chicken roasted, with red potatoes, haricots verts, home-made cranberry sauce, with roasted stone fruit served over vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Incidentally, Buck and I will celebrate our Silver Wedding Anniversary in November, and we have run the rapids with only minor abrasions and contusions to show for the journey ... so far. Sturdy equipment (a healthy sense of humor) and proper safety gear (we talk about everything) have helped maintain our equilibrium. Sharing a loving and healthy family is good too. Now that's a lovely bunch of bananas.


And now a word from our sponsor:

Have you been experiencing an unusual amount of bad luck lately?

Smashed several pieces of heirloom china which mysteriously slipped through your fingers?

Suffered a bad fall because of an unseen oil slick in the garage, requiring over-night hospitalization?

Bought an item of apparel for an exhorbitant amount which now looks like hell in the full-length mirror?

Well, I confess. It's all my fault. If I'd only sent you that chain letter which promised exhorbitant wealth in an abundant stream, or the one that guaranteed a free pass through the gates of heaven, or the one that offered perpetual protection from physical harm.

If only I'd dispatched emails to you and at least eight to twelve other unsuspecting acquaintances, none of this would have happened. I am so sorry. But, I want to make it clear that I am not nor have I ever been a reliable distributor of this sort of material. It will be kind of you to refrain from adding my name to your list in future. The chain will be broken in my hands ... yes, dare I say it? "The Buck Stops Here."

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