Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Reading

I have completed the task of reading Justin Cronin's book titled "The Passage", and after 766 pages of vivid encounters with creatures of horrendous proportions and voracious appetites mainly for human flesh, I am rewarding myself with a very dry martini. I fell for the hype. That's why I bought the book. But I can see it transformed by special effects' technicians who will create scenes of mass destruction, desolation and desperation on film for a young audience whose stupendous support at the box office will generate millions of dollars for all involved.

Apparently, Mr. Cronin has two follow-up books ready for publication, but I shall pass. I am not much for this sort of "literature", so the rest of the summer I will be re-reading Hemingway. Incidentally, go here for a comprehensive review of "The Passage" written by Ron Charles, the Fiction Editor of The Washington Post. He may persuade you to get on the band wagon too. I can't deny the story is a near-perfect summer read. Just keep the martini pitcher handy.

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