Monday, April 5, 2010

Sports Illustrated

Sunday, April 4, 2010: Our cups indeed filled to the brim and more as Buck and I observed all or most of the following sports events yesterday:

Watched Andy Roddick defeat Thomas Berdych 7-5, 6-4 in the Sony Ericsson tennis final played in Miami.

Watched Anthony Kim win the Houston Open Golf Tournament by a whisker, collecting a day's pay totalling $1,044,000.00.

Took a break and prepared a turkey lasagna for dinner. Placed same in refrigerator until time to bake.

Watched a really dumb movie and laughed a lot until we

Watched the Boston Celtics defeat the mighty Cleveland Cavaliers 117-113 at home.

Watched Opening Night Ceremonies and a terrific first of the season game for my favorite guys, The Boston Red Sox. Balmy breezes, filled-to-bursting Fenway Park, and another tight game with the desired result: Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 7.

Tonight the sports drama continues with the final game of the NCAA championships featuring a highly skilled Butler University against the slick Duke University Blue Devils. I used to live in Durham, NC so my heart will be with those young men.

And oh yeah: we will be watching Tiger Woods face an uncertain reception in Augusta.

All this with poor Buck distracted by extreme soreness, result of a double lower front teeth extraction on Saturday morning. Painkillers for him, an unpretentious Cabernet for me. At least Buck didn't have to chew the lasagna which was delicious.

Rooting for so many folks, trying to make Buck as comfortable as possible, attempting to retain various statistics .... My pom-poms are sagging. GO DUKE!

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Anonymous said...


I have always liked you, but none more than now, since I see so few people state any preference for Duke (my alma mater).

Glad they won (although my son graduating from Butler made it quite a divided household.

Bill Lavin