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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall Update

****** The trip to Sarasota was great fun in every way. My nieces are beautiful and thriving both in school and socially. My sister loved every sunshiny/humid hour and even I have to admit, the balmy weather was a sharp contrast to our own rather typical, rather drab late fall days of cloudy skies and chilly temperatures. Still, I can't imagine cooking a hearty beef stew in 80-degree weather.

****** My youngest (7&9) step-grandsons visited over Thanksgiving and insisted I join FaceBook. Soooooo, there I am and quite happy to connect with some old and dear friends, some presumed lost but never forgotten. Incidentally, the dinner was a triumph (sorry to boast, but it was) amazingly delicious. The tree is going up this week.

COMING EVENTS: January 8, 2010 there will be a CD release party at Sculler's Jazz Club in Boston for my new Arbors recording called "We'll Meet Again". I will be joined by legendary musicians Bucky Pizzarelli, Ken Peplowski, Steve LaSpina, and the rising young jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein. Scullers I hope to see many friends on that night. We will also be celebrating Bucky's 84th birthday, so be sure to join us for the party.


Red Colm O'Sullivan said...

Wish I could be there to hear the great music! "Blues to be there".

Anonymous said...

Luv your comments on music artists etc Carol.
Just ran accross a new blog by ann ruckert who's
an old pal of Morgana King.
Ann got a call saying Morgana is planning a
comback, she turns 80 in June and is releasing
a new cd and a film on her life.
Morgana retired in 1998 I think or was semi-
retired. By the way Moe admits she is part
Portugese. No wonder her Bossa tunes meant
more than mere words. She sure knows how to
paint some lush art work. You go gal.
Hope Helen Merrill will get over the loss of
Torrie Zito, who could ever replace him?
Happy tunes all and roll back time a bit.

Anonymous said...

I wish you LOVE, Happiness, Health and all the
things you desire.
Thanks for your continued career.
Your devine interest in jazz,history,romance,
sports and many other varied and intresting
I do hope your Birthday is beyond Special and
that JOY be with you constantly. God Bless you always Carol.