Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wait 'til next year ....

****** We experienced the loss of the American League Championship Title over the weekend when the Boston Red Sox were defeated by the Los Angeles Angels in the third game of the series played at Fenway Park, a game we woulda-should-a won but for a number of bad pitches thrown by the perhaps overly-confident Ace Closer Jonathan Papelbon. (Granted, he wasn't the only problem). But now, like millions of other Boston fans, I shall root for those who beat us because they MUST prevail over the NY Yankees, the team I've loved to hate for all of my seventy-odd (you can say that again) years following Red Sox baseball.

My mother and father were ardent Sox fans, and most certainly, they could have predicted the choking and near paralysis which overcame the team in the final games of this 2009 season. The saddest fact for me is that Frank and Claudia didn't live to see our fabulous 2004 World Series victory. Why, my mother might even have shared a cold 'Gansett lager with her husband in wild celebration. I haven't fully embraced the concept of an after-life, but one can only hope that they were rejoicing in some other dimension. Millions shared that happy thought.

****** I am happy to report that Arbors has confirmed an official release date for my new cd called "We'll Meet Again" for January 12, 2010. Meantime, it is available for purchase at the Arbors web address. See the repeat October 6 post below for additonal information.

****** My sister Lois and I are off to Sarasota at the end of the month to visit my darling niece, her husband and their adorable daughters. I am on a particular expedition this year to locate and purchase a fine specimen of a wentletrap (pictured here):

Since we won't have time to drive to Sanibel Island, I will search for my ribbed spiral treasure in shops devoted exclusively to the beauty of sea shells. Choncology is the branch of zoology that deals with the study of mollusks and shells. I have become more interested in the science in recent months, and owe it all to a dear friend who taught me what to look for and how to clean the ones I chose from the beaches along the North Carolina coast. Her collection is truly most impressive, and I defy anyone to hold a magnificient sea shell and not be enchanted and dazzled.

****** SINGER ALERT: My good friend and exceptionally fine singer Carol Fredette is appearing tomorrow night at The Iridium in New York City. Go there and have a great time listening to one of our best.

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