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Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Favorite Blossom Dearie ...

****** Blossom Dearie died on Saturday, February 7 this year in her Greenwich Village apartment. This video is a perfect example of Blossom's understated delivery, and what I like best is the tempo. Typically, she conveys a parfait lightness as well undeniable swing and charm.

I believe this video quickly made the YouTube circuit immediately after the announcement of her passing, but I'd like to share it with those of you who may have missed seeing it, to remind us all of how unique and wonderful she was.

I confess I'm also attempting for the first time to successfully embed a video in my post. Other Bloggers I admire practice this technology with flawless frequency. I knew I had to find out how to do it. Hope this works. I'm learning as I go, which is probably painfully obvious. In any case, for those who loved Blossom as much as I did, here's a treat just for you.


Anonymous said...

We liked Blosson, but our favorite is Carol Sloane. Happy Birthday to you! With love from Devra and John

Anonymous said...

Ah, Dear Blossom... her lost lates jazz world a little more empty. But her voice still will full a lot of hours in all those who loves good music. She was one of the greatest. Perhaps somebody could think that this words are an easy choice after she passed away but it isn't. She has swing, diction, taste, charm and write good music too! When I hear her last effort (Blossoms Planet) I can't believe what good it was. She cames back to the jazz orientated albums with such great results. I was waiting for the next cd when she dies. Well, we still have all those albums to fall in love with the lady with the girlish voice. And I love it, oh, what I love it. As usual, excuse my bad english. Rio Veneno. Madrid. Spain