Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh, Happy Day ...

We popped the first bottle of Veuve Clicquot as President-Elect Barack Obama strode upon the platform in Chicago last night with his beautiful wife and daughters. We cried as so many in the huge throng did, including Oprah Winfrey and Jesse Jackson. And we toasted and drank and wept and danced and cried some more.

Our polling place is the Town Hall which faces the Common and the tall, white spire of the Congregationalist Church, a scene so typically New England. Weather was spring-like, sunny skies, most of the trees still bearing leaves of crimson, amber and gold. We had chosen an ideal arrival time (11:30 AM), and encountered no delays. Found out later that lines began to form at midday and remained thick until the polls closed at 8PM.

I began to fill my ballot from the back, starting with three initiatives Massachusetts voters were asked to decide:

Question 1: The reckless idea to eliminate the state income tax. Defeated.

Question 2: The proposal to decriminalize possession of marijuana. Carried.

Question 3: The proposal to ban dog racing in Massachusetts. Carried.

Then I voted for various candidates for state offices, and finally, indicated my choice for the national Democratic ticket. We spent a total of approximately fifteen minutes completing our civic responsibility otherwise known as this overwhelmingly precious freedom to choose our political leaders. We walked through the Common to our favorite restaurant and enjoyed an Italian lunch while talking of everything BUT the election.

Buck and I always hoped we'd one day be able to vote for and then rejoice in the election of an African-American President. It is truly awe-inspiring to awake this day and find the dream come true. What a great accomplishment for us and all the world.

Although George Bush and his pals will walk away from the miasmic conditions they created, one can only hope and pray that the slender but strong shoulders of Barack Obama will find the strength and wisdom to forge a clearing in the jungle. We believe he will prevail, even triumph.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day you've described - and how hip of MA to decriminalize marijuana and free the dogs.
Here midtown we had a 2 hour wait because they were understaffed and a machine was broken. However, I did get to know my neighbors better and around the corner Abatino's Pizza was giving away a free slice to those who'd voted. As for our new First Family --how right and beautiful they appear! There's hope at last and something to sing about. All best, Daryl

Bill Crow said...

I never thought this day would come in my lifetime. So glad to have been able to pull a lever FOR somebody for a change. I've spent the last several elections voting against.

Marla said...

Well, I popped the cork on our bottle of Veuve Clicquot, our celebration drink of choice, too, probably around the same time! With all that is going on in this world, at this time, the election was a breath of fresh air and then some. Now, i need to wean myself off of the TV news shows and get back to music.