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Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Hate Rock "Music" ...

****** My good friend Devra Hall has most succinctly expressed the state of the jazz business as of April 17, 2008. From my own perspective, I agree with her points well chosen: jazz is barren, bereft of club venues, difficult, unprofitable, uncomfortable, lacks the dedication and purity I once knew, and is irreparably damaged by the malignant infiltration of "smooth jazz", rock, rock fusion, and a plethora of singers hyped by record companies and so-called critics who know not the history of the art form. To read her comments in their entirety, go to DevraDoWrite. For those who may not know, Devra is the daughter of the renowned jazz guitarist Jim Hall, as well as an author exceptionally experienced in the field of Artistic Management. You can also go here to read detailed information about this remarkable lady.

****** I offer no solution for the current state of affairs, and this is one (and maybe the only) mess we can't pin on George Walker Bush. Europe and Japan can no longer be considered among the most desirable destinations where once we found eager and informed audiences since those ears too have been seduced by the lethal bombardment of the trash youthful populations prefer.

****** For myself, I escape the cacophony of rock-flavored tv commercials by engaging the "mute" button on the remote, and I will challenge anyone to a "fastest gun" contest anytime, but I wouldn't if I were you: I've been practicing for years and I'm better at it than you are.

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