Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Online Drum Workshop

I have received a most interesting note from my good friend, California drummer Colin Bailey. It sounds such a good idea, I thought it only fair to pass it on to all of you. Here is Colin's mail:

"Don Lombardi recently gave the reins of his company in Oxnard (CA) (Drum Workshop I endorse for) over to his son. He has had a fantastic studio built and is now concentrating on putting together a fabulous Web site called “The Drum Channel”. Named drummers will give master classes, and lessons which will be available world wide on pay per view. There will be a segment where drummers get together and talk about their musical experiences. Another segment will be playing within a group.

I went down in September and filmed my bass drum technique and solo concept, in coordination with my books. A couple of weeks prior to that I was there to have a talking get together with Jimmy Cobb and this coming week I will be doing the same with Joe Morello, Louis Bellson & myself. I am having a GREAT time seeing all my old friends again."

So, we must all stay closely tuned for official launch date for the new site. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Meantime, here is Colin's web page.

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