Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sloane On YouTube

If that doesn't work, just go to and type in carol sloane.

At the YouTube location above, you will find a clip of me singing a medley of the songs "Never Never Land" and "My Ship". That's the Jimmy Rowles playing piano, with Keter Betts on bass, Bobby Durham on drums. Yes: this was Ella's trio at the time. Taped in the PBS studio of WYES in New Orleans in 1979, I am now informed by Ms. Beth Utterback, Director of Broadcasting, that most sadly, the entire "Jazz Excursions" series from which the clip is taken was obliterated by Hurricane Katrina's flood waters. It happens that I do have a copy of the entire performance, in a format which is of no use to me. Ms. Utterback will soon have her 3/4" tape of the show.

My husband and I watched the vcr copy of that performance last night. It was all new to him, and frankly, I hadn't seen it myself in years. I am delighted to tell you Jimmy Rowles plays and sings What a rare treat! I am hoping these will soon be available on YouTube, and I will be sure to let all of you know when and if this happens. Watch this space!

Now back to work on the "Opening for Lenny Bruce" entry.


Anonymous said...

Jimmy Rowles also sings on a CD with Stan Getz and Elvin Jones on drums. Its called "The Peacocks", and it is a beautiful CD.

gracchus said...

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous performance. As I'm sure you know, Doug Ramsey over at 'Rifftides' called you sublime. Doug knows sublime.

While I'm waiting to see more of this performance, I think I'll go hunt down some of your recordings. Best wishes from a new fan.

Pinky Winters said...

Dear Sis,

How thrilling to hear your warm fabulousness accompanied by Jimmy Rowles. I was transfixed by your solo chorus and knocked out by the entrance of Jimmy & the guys, taking me to places I could only dream about. Who could ask for anything more?!

It had to end, but why?

Love, Pinky