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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Work Takes Precedence

I am singing this weekend (June 1 & 2) at the-absolutely-wonderful-in-every-way jazz club Scullers in Boston. Backed by a superb quartet led by Norman Simmons, I expect to have a wonderful time. Copies of the new Arbors CD "Dearest Duke" will be available for purchase, copies of which I will happily sign if requested to do so.

Norman Simmons, piano; Steve LaSpina, bass; Paul Bollenback, guitar; Sheila Early, drums. I am submitting links to their web sites for your further edification. I am very proud to work with these musicians at any time, and have been fortunate to find them all available to join me when I am offered work.

Norman Simmons

Steve LaSpina

Paul Bollenback

Sheila Early: (Check Norman Simmons' site)

Hope everyone stays cool and calm this week, and that the Red Sox will continue their exciting string of victories. At this writing, the dear lads are leading the Eastern Division of the American League, ahead of the Baltimore Orioles by 11-1/2 games, Toronto Blue Jays by 12, and The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay tied at 13-1/2 games out each. Ah, the bliss of it all. May it last the season!


Anonymous said...

Re the 13.5 lead over the Yankees,we now have you right where we want you. Remember 1978.

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Tom Pierce here. I'm on such a high anticipating seeing you for the first time in over 3 years at Sculler's on Friday with those wonderful musicians, that even your open joy at the Sox being 14.5 games in front of my pitiful Yankees can't bring me down.


P.S. "Dearest Duke", which I purchased a download of last week at emusic is superb!!
(Surprise, Surprise)

Steve Albin said...

On the one hand, I take hope in remembering 1978. On the other hand, I despair because we already have our Bob Lemon and things ain't working. The only thing to console me is that the Sox are like daylight savings time - spring forward, fall back. I just hope they are true to form...

Anonymous said...


I just arrived back safely in CT from your show at Scullers, it was wonderful! I greatly enjoyed your romp with Rebecca Paris. Thanks for directing me to your blog, I look forward to reading it.

Mystic, CT