Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"What A Difference A Day Makes...."

On the day after cataract surgery, the vision in my left eye is remarkably clear and bright. I am understandably startled and delighted by the improvement, requesting the same procedure for the right eye to be scheduled as soon as feasible. My brilliant opthalmologist agrees he can duplicate the miracle at the end of the summer. I am anticipating a week singing at Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola in New York in September and I want to visit MoMA during that visit, plus Really See my friends, the musicians in the band and the audience!

The current exhibit at Boston's MFA features works by Edward Hopper through August 19 and I'm willing to face the hordes even more bravely now that the haze and fuzz are no longer a bother.

Coming this week: Meeting Mel Brooks in New York, pre-"2,000 Year Old Man".


ValerieB said...

mucho congratulations on your successful surgery! what a wonderful thing. you make me hopeful too since i will be a candidate in the very near future. enjoy the clear view!

Sloane said...

Dear Valerieb: Thank you. Yes, the surgery was painless and non-stressful. The preparatory tests are more prolonged than the actual procedure (which lasted all of 7-1/2 minutes). And the view is extraordinary. Hope your experience is as pleasant with similar results.