Sunday, May 6, 2007

Weekend For Sports

For those of us who relish sitting around, watching others exert themselves, this was a terrific weekend. A major golf tournament in Charlotte, NC provided Tiger Woods with yet another victory, although it wasn't exactly like eating a box of chocolates for him. The Red Sox took two out of three from the Minnesota Twins. A 20-horse field at The Kentucky Derby stymied all but the best handicappers. My personal, In-House Equine Counsellor (aka my husband) confidently persuaded me to place my faith and money on Street Sense. The horse paid $11.80 to win and I had him across the board and in combinations. I took him out to dinner. My husband, not the horse.

The coming week finds me flitting about to various doctors' offices, preparing for cataract surgery May 15th. But before that, I am looking forward to Tuesday night's performance by my friend Daryl Sherman, a singer-pianist I much admire, who will be a treat to hear even if she appears but a blurry figure on stage. She's at Scullers Jazz Club in Boston.

While I tend to these matters, I will also take some time to work on various drafts for posting which I hope will amuse you. Watch this space.


Don Emanuel (UK) said...

Love the blog. Doug Ramsey's blog turned me on to it.

Please don't worry about the cataract surgery. I had both eyes done four years ago. Best thing I ever did. Just to wake up in the morning and be able to see without reaching for the spectacles, fantastic.

More stories about JR would be appreciated.

Sloane said...

Thank you very much Don Emanuel for the encouraging words regarding the cataract surgery I am soon to undergo. Yours is yet another assurance that the procedure is not difficult for the parient, and that I will be thrilled to enjoy clear vision once more. Kind of you to write.