Monday, October 15, 2012

Great Duets, Pt. 2

A sincere thank you to all who contributed to The Master List of dynamic duos a/k/a "Great Duets, Then and Now". 

Admittedly, I wasn't explicit about which "duets" qualified for The List.  Therefore some suggestions such as Tony (Bennett) and Bill (Evans) or Gin & Tonic or Sex & The Single Girl didn't really make the cut.  

Because of a persistent glitch in the Comments section, I herewith publish, as promised, the terrific suggestions received to date.  I've also listed an additional 40 or so combinations which occurred to me this past week.
It's good to make a list! 

From Bill Crow, the fastidious bass player with impeccable credentials and a perpetually sunny disposition:

Bob (Brookmeyer) & Clark (Terry)
Jay & Kai (J.J. Johnson & Kai Winding)
Phil & Quill (Phil Woods & Paul Quinichette)
Jim & Andy's (New York musicians' once favorite bar)
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern
Tweedledum & Tweedledee
Eighteenth & Vine (KC)

Scylla & Charyibdis
    (Ed. Note: Had to look this one up):

     "Being between Scylla and Charyibdis is an idiom deriving from Greek mythology. Several other idioms, such as "on the horns of a dilemma", "between the devil and the deep blue sea", and "between a rock and a hard place" express the same meaning of "having to choose between two evils".

Damon & Pythias
Cain & Abel
Mom & Pop
Fine & Dandy
Fat & Sassy
Bert & Ernie (Muppets)
Hammacher & Schlemmer
Ike & Mike
   (Ed.Note: What about Pat & Mike, the two
    Irishmen who walk into a bar ...?)

Tommy & Jimmy (Dorsey)
Beavis & Butthead
Ren & Stimpy
The Bobbsey Twins
Chang & Eng
Joao & Astrud
Dexter & Wardell
Here are some note worthy selections from Bill Lavin:

Masters & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson
Tuck & Patti
Guns & Roses
Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

Watson & Crick
     (Ed. Note: James D. Watson and Francis Crick, the two scientists who discovered the structure of DNA in 1953)

Lea & Perrins
Burns & Allen
    (Ed.Note: Appear as George & Gracie on original List)

Spahn & Sain
Magic & Bird
Ali & Frazier

My friend Ed O'Brien decided to join in the fun:

Ali & Frazier
Dempsey & Tunney
Spahn & Sain
Strunk & White
Holmes & Watson
Robinson & LaMotta
Bert & Ernie
Burton & Taylor
Ren & Stimpy
Fred & Barney
Beavis & Butthead
Redford & Newman
Rodgers & Hammerstein
Bill & Hillary
Felix & Oscar
Ruth & Gehrig
Cahn & Van Heusen
Styne & Cahn
Frank & Ava

Saddler & Pep
  (Ed. Note: Sandy Sadler and Willie Pep,
   featherweight boxers of the 1950's)

Caesar & Cleopatra
  (Ed. Note: Cleo is paired with Anthony in
    the Original List)

Caesar & Coca
Beatrice & Dante
Heathcliff & Catherine
Constance (Lady Chatterly) & Oliver
Beatrice & Benedick
  (Ed. Note: Lovers in "Much Ado About Nothing")


Irving Greines, Esq. in LA submitted these:

Beanie & Cecil
Hollywood & Vine
Adlai & Estes
Ike & Dick
Wild Bill & Jingles
Roy & Dale
Cisco Kid & Pancho
Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Smith
    (Mail order catalog of the 1940’s and 1950’s)
Dick & Jane
And here are more your humble Editor:

Scott & Zelda
Rochester & Mr. Benny
Rochester & Miss Eyre
Dooney & Burke
Sonny & Cher
Baskin & Robbins
Ferdinand & Isabella
Lady Day & Prez
Steve & Eydie
Crosse & Blackwell
Laverne & Shirley
Ma & Pa Kettle
Flanders & Swann
Boris & Natasha
Smith & Dale
Chip & Dale
Buffalo Bob & Howdy Doody
Harry & David
Gable & Lombard
Liz & Nicky (Hilton)
Liz & Michael (Wilding)
Liz & Mike (Todd)
Liz & Eddie (Fisher)
Liz & Richard (Burton)
Liz & Richard (Burton)
Liz & John (R. Sen. Warner)
Liz & Larry (Fortensky)
Dean & DeLuca
Bird & Diz
Beauty & The Beast
Horace & Hilda (Rumpole)
Frankie & Johnny
Simon & Schuster
Peter & The Wolf
John & Yoko
Vic & Sade
Jack & Jill
Chase & Sanborn
Leopold & Loeb
Liggett & Myers
Benson & Hedges
Baltimore & Ohio

Hollywood & Vine
  (Submitted by anonymous)
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To all who submit comments and may be disappointed they are not visible to the whole world, the acknowledgements above are a sincere attempt to address the problem at least temporarily.  Don't be dissuaded.  SloaneView will fix this problem eventually.  It's on my "Must Do List".

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Great Duets, Then and Now

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I am an ILM (Inveterate List Maker). This is an affliction as well as an addiction. A List is indispensible at the grocery store (until, when unpacking the bags, you realize with understandable chagrin that you didn't buy canned tomatoes on sale because you forgot to put them on the List! I never leave the house without my Grocery Store List, and one or more Lists of errands to be checked off as completed, i.e., "pick up dry cleaning", "get the oil changed", "buy more White Roses stamps", "return library book", "pick up wine for dinner", and "keep your cool when that knucklehead texting his girl friend cuts you off at the pass". And I haven't mentioned To-Do Lists of house projects, telephone calls to return, doctor appointments and social engagements.

Lists are fun to make and even more fun to throw away when you've checked them off. But here's another valuable reason to make a List. Just forget about counting sheep: I spent the early morning hours of this day constructing yet another List which effortlessly shifted my focus from the cares of the day to the truly mundane. So, if you're twiddling your thumbs or trying to fall asleep, a List such as the one below might help induce heavy-lidded eyes and ultimate deep slumber. I look to you for names I've probably forgotten along with those garl-darned canned tomatoes.

Carol Sloane's List Of Famous Duos: It is categorized, not alphabetized. Let's begin at the beginning:

Adam & Eve
Abercrombie & Fitch
Andy & Barney
Abbot & Costello
Al & Zoot
Amos & Andy
Arm & Hammer
Anthony & Cleopatra
Bogart & Bacall

Ben & Jerry
Bob & Ray
Barnes & Noble
Barnum & Bailey
Bonnie & Clyde
Barbie & Ken
Buck & Bubbles
Batman & Robin

Currier & Ives
Cole & Linda
Cheech & Chong
Clark (Kent) & Lois (Lane)

Daphnis & Chloe
Dick & Jane
Darby & Joan
David & Bathsheba
David & Goliath
Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Desmond & Molly Jones
Donny & Marie

Eleanor & Franklin
Ella & Louis
Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy

Frick & Frack
Ferrante & Teicher
Frankie & Johnny
Frank & Lois
   (My brother-in-law and sister who'd
     never speak to me if they weren't Listed)
Fred & Ginger
Fred & Ethel
Fibber McGee & Molly
Funk & Wagnall's
Fortnum & Mason

George & Gracie
George & Ira
George & Martha Washington
George & Martha (Albee's)
(The) Green Hornet & Cato

Harry & Bess
Harry & Sally
Heloise & Abelard
Huntley & Brinkley
Hope & Crosby
Horn & Hardart

Ike & Mamie
Ilsa & Rick

Jonah & The Whale
Jackie & Roy
Jonathan & Darlene

Lucy & Desi
Lunt & Fontanne
Lewis & Clark
Lum & Abner
Lerner & Loewe
(The) Lone Ranger & Tonto
Lord & Taylor
Laurel & Hardy

Mimi & Rodolfo
Mack & Mabel
Martin & Lewis
Maggie & Jiggs
Mantle & Maris
Mutt & Jeff

Nick & Nora
Nichols & May

Oscar & Felix
Olson & Johnson

Peter & The Wolf
Penn & Teller
Puss & Boots
Porgy & Bess

Romeo & Juliet
Rogers & Hart
Rowan & Martin
Ralph & Alice

Stan & Ollie
Sampson & Delilah
Smith & Wesson
Sacco & Vanzetti
Simon & Garfunkel
Sonny & Cher
Seals & Croft
Sandler & Young
Starsky & Hutch
Slim & Slam
Siegfried & Roy
Sears & Robuck
Stiller & Meara

Tom & Jerry
Tristan & Isolde
Tracy & Hepburn
Thelma & Louise
Troilus & Cressida
Tarzan & Jane
Tex & Jinx
    (If you remember them, we are
         of the same vintage)

Victoria & Albert

William & Kate
Winkleman & Finklestein
     (A haberdashery my family
       patronized when I was a child.
       Lois and I always wondered
       what ever happened to "Nod")

Add any Famous Duos which occur to you by clicking Post A Comment Below.