Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fall Update

****** The trip to Sarasota was great fun in every way. My nieces are beautiful and thriving both in school and socially. My sister loved every sunshiny/humid hour and even I have to admit, the balmy weather was a sharp contrast to our own rather typical, rather drab late fall days of cloudy skies and chilly temperatures. Still, I can't imagine cooking a hearty beef stew in 80-degree weather.

****** My youngest (7&9) step-grandsons visited over Thanksgiving and insisted I join FaceBook. Soooooo, there I am and quite happy to connect with some old and dear friends, some presumed lost but never forgotten. Incidentally, the dinner was a triumph (sorry to boast, but it was) amazingly delicious. The tree is going up this week.

COMING EVENTS: January 8, 2010 there will be a CD release party at Sculler's Jazz Club in Boston for my new Arbors recording called "We'll Meet Again". I will be joined by legendary musicians Bucky Pizzarelli, Ken Peplowski, Steve LaSpina, and the rising young jazz violinist Aaron Weinstein. Scullers I hope to see many friends on that night. We will also be celebrating Bucky's 84th birthday, so be sure to join us for the party.