Wednesday, February 11, 2009


****** I have no idea what could be wrong, but I am unable to type a title for this post. When I attempt to, here is what pops up: ;ोस्सोम, and that doesn't translate here. It's an ampersand/number sign followed by a series of four numbers. How strange. Leaving a message at Google hasn't brought a single word of help or advice. I'm not even certain this message will publish. But, fingers crossed, here goes:

****** Today's Title was to have been R.I.P.Blossom Dearie. She was a one-of-a-kind personality singer/pianist who was an acquaintance but not a close friend, and she died in her Greenwich Village, New York home on Saturday, February 7th. She was 82 years old. Hers was a voice of exquisite delicacy along with a gentle, confident sense of swing. There are dozens of Blossom Dearie YouTube videos you can take a look at. One of my favorites is her version of "The Surrey With The Fringe On Top" taken at a civilized tempo performed on The Tonight Show hosted by Jack Paar. I suggest you see and hear Blossom for yourself. Enjoy.


Mail this week has brought a delightful surprise message from an old friend I've not seen or heard from in ages who tells me he has been living in Costa Rica for eight years and loves every second of it. I can't wait to learn more about the country and his life-style in the tropical paradise. I also received a post from Max Bennett, the bass player on "Kinda Groovy" which is mentioned in "That Was The Week That Was" below, dated 2/2/2009. I hope some of you have visited the url which I included so that you can hear Jimmy Rowles singing "A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid". Otherwise, this has been an exceptionally quiet week, keeping tabs on the discussions and maneuverings of D.C. politicians debating the Stimulus Package, finishing my P.D. James book, and last night and Monday night, watching the delightful parade of canines otherwise known as The Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show which takes place in February each year at Madison Square Garden in NYC. A thoroughly charming Sussex spaniel named Stump captured Best In Show. Quite an achievement for this animal: he came out of retirement to compete, and is 70-years old by human standards. We were especially thrilled about the win since he was our choice too. I know his image closed out many a news broadcast today.

But February's dog show is the highlight of this lengthy, chilly winter season. Football games are no more, the Australian Open's complete, the Red Sox are just starting their spring training sessions in Florida, The Masters Golf Tournament starts in a month, leaving sports viewing in this house focused on the Boston Celtics (Buck and I are not hockey fans) who are managing to defend their Championship status. We are very fond of the team and its coach.

****** Speaking of sports, several wonderful men in my life introduced me to their favorite sport and I in turn became a fan: my Dad (and Mother too, it must be said) gave me baseball; Bob Brookmeyer gave me football; Jimmy Rowles gave me tennis; my husband gave me basketball. The excitement of a basketball game hadn't penetrated my senses even when I lived in North Carolina. I was singing in a beautiful club in Chapel Hill one night when a slight commotion occured at the entrance and right in the middle of me singing a most heartfelt ballad. When I later asked who'd caused the ruckus, they said: "James Worthy came in." "Who's James Worthy?" said I to the incredulous people around me. Hero of the day, star of the team. James Worthy

****** There is a book with the intriguing title "Lark & Termite" by Jayne Anne Phillips, Knopf, sitting on my bedside table, begging me to plunge into its unknown depths, so I will finish for this evening. My hope that my Blog problem can be addressed successfully within the next forty-eight. By the way: What are you currently reading?

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